Watching Your Dog Age Is Hard

Barbara Dobbins, my buddy and frequent contributor to WDJ,
as soon as wrote a post
for this house that described how her senior Border Collie, Daisy, had earned a
“permanent hall pass” for leaping up on the counter to assist herself to any meals
that had been omitted. Two years into most cancers therapy, Dobbins was blissful that
Daisy had an urge for food! She additionally described different canines she knew whose house owners had
determined to look the opposite approach when the canines did naughty issues.

Otto is certainly displaying some indicators of ageing

At 12 ½ years, my senior canine, Otto, has seemingly determined he
ought to get a go, too. My husband and I aren’t positive whether or not he’s getting a
little senile, or just emboldened by the plethora of as-yet uneducated foster
puppies which have been trampling the landscaping and chewing drip-irrigation
strains (or, alternatively, whining in a crate), or some mixture of those
issues. Whatever the trigger, the very fact is that his conduct has begun to
deteriorate only a bit.

Don’t get me unsuitable; he’s nonetheless a really, excellent canine! But,
adolescent misadventures apart, he’s all the time been close to good – like the child
who sits within the entrance row and all the time – ALWAYS – has his hand up in school. If he
hears me telling another canine to “sit” or “down” or “come here,” he’ll pop up
out of a lifeless sleep and run over to show that he can carry out these behaviors
higher and sooner than the opposite canine can. So it’s a little bit of a shock to have him
fully blow me off after I name him after listening to him roar his horrible roar
on the FedEx truck that’s passing by our home, and see him go tearing down the
fence line, decided to chase the truck to the very fringe of our property. How
do I do know he truly heard me and determined to not depart the chase? Because I
may see him look over his shoulder and hesitate only a second, after which
determine, “Oh forget it, she’s too far away.”

Otto’s sudden curiosity in taking part in fetch

He’s additionally apparently determined that sufficient is sufficient when it
involves the relentless fetching of our youthful canine, Woody – a type of canines
who would probably fetch till his toes flip bloody or till he passes out from
warmth exhaustion. If Otto is by himself, he’ll fetch a time or two, after which,
chase the ball or different fetch merchandise a 3rd time, however simply as he’s about to
attain the fetch merchandise, seemingly catch a whiff of some thriller aroma he simply HAS
to take a look at! “Excuse me, Mom, I feel there was a raccoon on our garden 4
nights in the past, I ought to examine.” In different phrases, he’s by no means been all that
into fetching. But all of a sudden, he’s began to get very aggressive when Woody is

He’s not almost as quick or as coordinated as Woody, however he’s
began to insert himself into any session of fetch, attempting to beat Woody to
any throw the place that appears probably – which, as a result of Woody by no means watches the
ball, however simply takes off operating within the most certainly path, and Otto
truly visually tracks the ball, Otto can get to extra of the throws than he
ought to have the ability to at his age. He additionally will attempt to intercept Woody on his approach
again to me with the ball and forcibly take the ball from him! Thank goodness,
despite the fact that Woody is four ½ years previous, he’s nonetheless very submissive within the face of
Otto’s “attacks.” He doesn’t fairly give in, however he has not but as soon as tried to
retaliate, both; he both tries to outmaneuver the older canine, or will cease
and hunker down in a submissive pose, holding the ball tightly in his mouth and
squinting his eyes tightly shut as Otto bites his face, attempting to get the ball.
“Sorry, man, I just can’t let go!”

Does Otto truly wish to play fetch himself? Is he jealous
of the eye that Woody will get for fetching? It appears that he simply needs the
ball; if he will get it, he simply leaves with it! “Ha! That stupid game is over!” he
appears to say. And, sure, I’ve tried having two balls on web site once we are
taking part in, so if Otto steals one, Woody and I can play on . . . Otto will drop
whichever one we let him have and are available in pursuit of the “active” ball within the
sport, so currently I’ve been placing him in the home when Woody wants a very good,
lengthy session to work off some vitality. I don’t need him to get damage attempting to
overdo the fetching heroics!

It’s simply bizarre, as a result of he used to only watch Woody
fetching like, “Yuck! What an idiot!” And now he’s like, “I have to STOP this!”

Got the ball and the sport is over…

Other modifications in Otto’s conduct

Also new: For most of his life, even when he didn’t wish to do
one thing, like, endure by a shower within the yard with a hose, he would come
after I referred to as him. Slowly, sadly, however he would come (and he would get thanked,
rewarded, and fussed over). Now, if he sees a hose and thinks a shower is perhaps
within the works, he simply leaves, even when I’m calling him. “Nope! Just… nope!” He
thinks – truly, he is aware of – I’m
simply not going to make him endure by a hose tub anymore if he doesn’t
need one.

But the largest shock got here just a few days in the past, when my
husband left his dinner unattended on the espresso desk for a minute, and Otto
simply began serving to himself to the meals. WHAT?! He’s NEVER been a
counter-surfer or helped himself to meals like that earlier than, which made each my
husband and I ponder if this can be a little bit of dementia creeping in. He truly
seemed a bit shocked when each my husband and I, shocked on the similar time,
yelled “Hey!” I advised my husband, we now have to deal with him extra like a pet once more;
we are able to’t take it as a right anymore that he is aware of all the home guidelines and can
observe them.

While I’m blissful to challenge him that “everlasting
corridor go,” and can probably simply go forward and let him have the remainder of any
burrito he manages to steal any further, a part of me is a little bit unhappy at these
age-related conduct modifications. Dogs simply don’t reside lengthy sufficient! We’ll cherish
on a regular basis we now have collectively, a little bit extra now.

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